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Got my own domain name and WP hosting set up through for about $32. I have been working on it for over a week. I am working on writing good blog entries and a lifestyle blog.


Backpacking Thru Back Streets

I have my own domain & a completely different justly found at

Spending the night at my parents home sleeping in Brandon, my son, bed tonight. Got a new military black backpack at the Military Base from my Dad today.

Headlines 📽 must have something that can benefit the reader. Lack of being specific & doesn’t make people want to know more. So they won’t read it. Hopefully the headline to this post goes with flare and excitement.

Things are more complicated than they appear. 📦 Complicated and time consuming materials are at hand. I am the writer, editor, social media promoter, and marketer.

Blogging voice will change. 🤓 I wish I had all my blog entries since I was 12 and read them all over again.

Being Active on Social Media is as Important as blog post. Presence on Social Media platforms while creating stronger bonds.

Blogging is a conversation & try to promote until you get comments on your latest post.

All Cuddled Up With My Pup

Dixie is definitly not a calm dog and my head ache is getting worse since I’ve been up for the last two days. We’re going fishing in the morning at Grapevine Lake then to lunch and then too Bass Pro Shops. I’m planning on getting a good nights sleep tonight and I’ll probably go to sleep on the couch. We’re planning on getting up early in the morning.

My content needs to be king and I want you to be able to take away something new that you’ve never heard of until you have read my post. Sail – my boyfriend and my well one of our favorite songs that’s fitting in what we do.

This sure beats the marketing gig I had walking around in fancy clothes saling spa packages for Impact. It may be easy to make a sales “centered” but the difference can make my blog thrive. Quality over quantity and the readers come first so please leave a comment and give me some suggestions on what you would like me to help you with.


Father Daughter Weekend : Bucks To Blogging

Despite not sleeping at all in the last 48 hours I really don’t feel all that bad except my eyes and my butt are sore from sitting on this uncomfortable chair and not blinking often. If I had a enough Bucks To Blogging I could buy a domain or Get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for $13.95/mo. Get 30% Off First Month, Though I’ll have to earn enough to buy the domain WordPress package from earning it from working my blog.

I am searching and have been searching for the last several hours how to make money off of blogging. I just have to be persistant and keep finding the keys to figuring this out and most of the articles say that it will tae at least 3 to 6 months. JustlyFound has only been around 2, this will be the 3rd month.

I will have to start taking my laptop to The Center with us when we go during the day. Since there is no wifi access at the group home. Glad I’m not at the group home right now I still need to clean up and everything before Dad comes back from work and his dental appointment. I have been glued to the screen for hours on end. Signing up for all sorts of programs. One program I just signed up for is called Awin along with ShareASale these two should give me a good foundation to make affiliated sales. I greately appreciate all the readers I have had today I am already at what June had at the end of the month on the 3rd of this month.

Entrepreneurship is what I need to be able to attain in the next coming weeks in order to truly get this to work. My father owned a spinner bait shop that I helped out with when I was about 8 that was his business. Unfortunately some horrible guy took off with the business credit card. I keep getting calls about credit cards on my cellphone but I am rest assured I do not have one. So working on making my blog into an assett I can use to really make some money. Though I can still not make over $1000 a month on SSDI. I also have an interview coming up with Lori’s Gifts in Fort Worth.

Making this website profitable will finally mean I’m doing something with my degree choice of PR and ADVT. I will need to pay attention to the news in order not to write like I was when I first opened this blog up and simply stating whims. It will take a whole lot of sacrifice, work, hustle, creativity, and dedication to get this into a profitable blog to where I can be using this blog instead of a real job.

Time To Set Some Goals After August I want to earn $300, have 500 Twitter followers, 1,000 Pinterest followers, and 50 Instagram Followers, promote affiliates and try to sell 1 – 3 items. In 12 months I would like to earn $1000 a month and double my amount of followers.

Good Solid Content Having the right attitude and knowing what to post and provide for your readers makes all the difference. No one wants to come to a boring website. Post that contain information the reader can really take away after reading. Where they have something to learn from what you/I have written.

Be Willing To Learn Constantly Blogging won’t work unless your willing to put the time and effort into it.


How I’ve Been living for the past year & how my life would change for the better once I can make blogging my career. 

I really don’t have too much that’s my own I have a twin bed on a cot at the Group Home on Hitson. Where I pay every part of my SSDI check toward the food, sheltered home, and a nanny to take care of us. I have $100 dollars left after that and that’s too last me for the entire month until about the 3rd.

I have been traveling with my black duffle bag between the Group Home and my parents house. This time I brought my laptop which I have been glued too the entire time. Most of the time my roommates and I are trying to get outside to smoke these cheap $2 a pack cigars called Talons. Although this time when Dad took me to the corner store I bought two packs of Marlboro Black 100s don’t know how long they will last me. Got them yesterday around this time it’s almost 3 and I have only smoked half a pack.

Hopefully when I get back the TV & Wifi are working. I have been using the 4G feature on my cellphone to connect to the internet and haven’t been able to use my laptop in over a month. We normally don’t have anything but tap water to drink. Earlier in the summer we wen’t without AC for a week or two.

It’s so quiet here without Brandon and I’ve had the house to myself with just our two dogs. Which the dog knocked off the Afghan rug that was held up with wooden pegs. Tomorrow Dad wants to go fishing at Grapevine Lake and then eat and go to Bass Pro Shops. I brought my SMOK e-cig with Dragon Juice Candy vape oil in it. You can get your own at Shop SMOK, Joyetech and More!

My life would be different because I would be able to afford the things I need and want. I could afford a car and pay insurance and afford gas. I could pay back my student loans and afford to go back to school again to finish my Senior year. I could buy an apartment for Brandon and I and I could take care of my kid myself. I could get off SSDI and be able to save money for the future while still being able to go to the psychiatrist and being able to go to the hospital and take my so. While also being able to afford medicine, my own food, and my own stuff I need to live a comfortable life. Oh If We we’re all so lucky & won the lottery!

I really need something good to happen though the longer I keep sitting around feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing about it. The longer it will be for things to get better. This could really change my life. These stockphotos are from and my sister HB is getting married next year so this is a good time to start working toward these goals.

Up All Night

I didn’t go to sleep last night instead I’ve been working on things to make this a better blog. I can’t simply do a domain name and keep so I am just going to keep it the way it is. When I went to make coffee both the Keurig and the regular coffee maker were broken. Luckily we had some instant coffee stored away. Instagram Live Q&A with Food Blogger Pro One of my new ShareASale Affiliates so please check this brand out.

I used the App Headspace and it is guiding me through 10 days of learning how to meditate. Although to get anything else on the app you have to buy the app. I have been meaning to learn how to meditate for some time now. As well as taking self-care seriously. 10 Mistakes that Bloggers Make – Free eBook! my parents have been trying to eat healthier than usual. My Dad slept through his alarm for work and is still asleep. Good thing he is still going to work.

This blog is pretty new and so far I appreciate the 10 followers I have received. So often when I make myself a new site and get readers I get to the point where I’ll stop and then go to a different blog. Just like with my medication if I didn’t have a nanny to give the pills to me every day.

My last blog before this was hosted by Blogger. My site before that was another Blogger website. Although to get a domain on WordPress isn’t cheap and it would cost me my months’ paycheck. Since I only get $100 every month and the rest of my money goes towards my health at the group home.


I’m hoping to turn this blogging thing into a career since I have been blogging since around the age of 13. If I would have stayed with the same blog and not have switched them all the time I’m sure I too could be one of those blogging success stories. Same with jobs if I would have stayed at one job for most of my 20s I would be better off.

Read this: ellduclos on How she turned her blog into her career
This is my take away from her blog post.

I have to be determined to be successful and I have to wake up and realize that the situation I’m in currently is not a dead end. Being in the group home and over at my parents house on the weekends. Not being able to be a responsible parent due to disabilities is hard also.

Being in and out of college and still no degree and tons of college student loans in debt. I need the financial freedom and I need to take blogging as a career path and choice to be a #BossBabe. There’s so much I wish I could do that I either need to wait for the right timing or just know my limits.

Passionately Pursue I have been writing way before anything else. I was always the girl who was caught with a notebook of some kind or an electronic device since a little girl. I couldn’t imagine life without writing. I can focus on making money with my blog but it shouldn’t come in the way of actual writing. What I write about has to make me happy – I love to learn new things every day and share them with the outside world.

Blogging Business & Taking It Seriously I have to treat this blog like it was my actual job because it will be my job. Work often so you don’t lose readers and followers. I need to rise above and prove to everyone I can do what they think I can’t. This lady is a good motivational writer.

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How To Make Money Blogging

  1. ADS
  2. Affiliate Marketing:
  3. Work With Brands
  4. Freelancing: , , … Google search write for.
  5. Sponsored Post

Way Off

Social Security Office yesterday morning to get a new Social Security Card. My dad works at the Social Security office. You can only order 10 in a lifetime and yesterday made the 6th I’ve ordered. It’s a must to keep up with this one when it comes in. Which should be in about a week.

Needing a job… Hopefully I can find a cashiering job to work part-time. I need to start paying back student loans. I owe FAFSA $18,000 in student loans and have a deferment until 2021.

Just spent $20 on something I didn’t need to. On stuff I didn’t need to and I shared with my roommate. Bought a Coca-Cola today and my Dad put in my $100 and I bought 2 packs of Marlboro Black 100’s at the corner store for -$13 before we came to their house.

Had a good time for my Birthday and my roommates is next. Internet and TV aren’t working at the group home. Last weekend my Dad bought 2 new TV’s and bought me two pairs of jeans and we celebrated my Birthday. My late Birthday present came in and now I’m able to wear my new prescription sunglasses.

Not going to school this semester or for a while. Since financially I can’t afford to go. Wanted to go to Tarrant County College, and take a science course. Though I don’t have the money to pay for it and I also don’t have a vehicle to get more to and from there.

Dad picked me up about 4 PM and now I am over at his house. My son, mom, and little sister Emz are traveling to Mississippi and will be there until about Wednesday. So I’ll be here until they get back. To use the internet and be able to watch TV and spend some time with Dad.

Internet Availability

Cleaning out my two email address accounts & and unsubscribing to the mass amounts of spam email. Simply pressing the checkbox button and deleting all of them they all seem to be from indeed. Then changing the subscription setting or unsubscribing altogether.

My dad was mostly quiet towards me tonight. He’s getting older and we are all pretty worried about his health. He did walk on the treadmill before we went shopping and we had salad for dinner. We went to CVS and Krogers.

Technology Used by Successwful Businesses

Our family dog Dixie, a blue healer, is taking to licking me and showing me love. Haven’t been able to use my laptop in about a month or longer. I can, however, use the cell phone that I got for Christmas that has 4G on it. My dad pays for the service and we get unlimited 4G use. Some much needed to take care of work is left that I will stay up late doing. Still feeling good from earlier.

Being able to use it for the next couple of days. We really need internet access at the group home and the lady in charge said it’s part of the deal. My Dad made a watermelon salad and I had my box of spicy sushi he bought me. Dad also bought me chocolate banana Pocky.

I’ve put in for a job at Lori’s Gifts and looking for more to put applications at. If I am to get a job Ms. Jeffereson our nanny will have to take me. So I’ll have to make sure that part is worked out. You could really help me out and on the sidebar, I added affiliate links where I get commission off a sale from Make a purchase at one of the several companies I advertise for and I get a percent.

Reading through blogging articles about how to make money blogging. It sure would be nice to be able to make some kind of profit from blogging. While having the drive to blog about deeper and more meaningful things besides my day to day life. In which I don’t do very much and I need the extra income. Though every time I try out on this venture I don’t make even a dollar. While losing track and going overboard on time.

To run a domain would cost me $50 and right now I just don’t have it. This is the first time in a long time out of all 18 years I have been blogging or working on a website of my own that I haven’t had a domain. I am usually on Blogger and not WordPress.